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I have been feeling busy lately. Good busy mostly; summer busy. I've been outside as much as possible, soaking up every last sip of these long days of sun. I've also been exploring some new interests. I stumbled upon a numerology book recently and have been drawn in by how interesting it all is.

I feel pretty strongly about numbers and always have. There are numbers I like a lot and others not so much. I usually associate a color and a feeling with each number. I think a lot, if not all of you probably do this as well. 

Just a few days ago I was picking out some books at a $2/book sale and found Harish Johari's Numerology, A Key To Human Behavior. It's great and I want to share a quick description of numbers 1-9 presented in the beginning of the book. What's so cool about this book is that it incorporates astrology, tantra, and ayurveda into the numberology. Just another way to dive deeper into exploring who you are. 

So here are the numbers along with the astrological planet and behavioral qualities associated with each. 

1: Sun; Kinglike, Kind, royal, disciplined, authoritative, strong, original. 

2: Moon; Queenlike, royal, attractive, everchangin, delicate. 

3: Jupiter; Spiritual, counseling, friendly, self-centered; disciplined. 

4: Rahu; Rebellious, impulsive, short-tempered, secretive. 

5: Mercury; Princely, entertaining, while, intelligent, sensitive. 

6: Venus; Romantic, slow, sensual, sweet spoken, diplomatic, manipulative. 

7: Ketu; Mystical, dreamlike, intuitive, inventive. 

8: Saturn; Wise, malefic, servant-like, laborious, struggling, suffering. 

9: Mars; Warlike, strong, rough, rustic, perfectionist, doubting, fighting, alienating, discriminating. 

This is such a brief introduction but it's interesting and fun to take a look at. Start noticing what numbers show up for you and which numbers you feel drawn to. 

Harness Full Moon Energy

Harness Full Moon Energy

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Unlocking Creative Potential