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Grow Your Knowing

Grow Your Knowing

To grow your knowing means to learn to trust your intuition. This is something I am always working on and when I am able to do it, truth is always revealed to me. 

This isn't always easy! Like anything, it takes practice. I've been working on growing my knowing for a while now and feel ready to share some tips that have worked for me. 

Grow your own knowing: 

1. Meditate. A regular meditation practice is so key. For me some days this means sitting in silent mediation or listening to a guided meditation. Other days it's going to a Yin Yoga class or going for a meditative run. Meditation can look different, but the important piece is that you give your self time to go in to yourself and wash away the thoughts that usually busy our minds. 

2. Observe your judgements. Start by simply noticing when you place judgement on  others/things/places, but most importantly yourself. Once I started actively noticing, I realized how much I judge myself! Judging ourselves blocks us from noticing our intuition. Now, the key here is not to then judge the judgement (ugh!). Observe the judgement, and ask yourself where it comes from. You can learn a lot about yourself through this exercise. 

3. Be Curious! Curiosity is related to joy. When I feel joy, I feel confident and far more trusting of my intuition. Ask questions, talk to someone you might normally not talk to, look up the word your don't know the meaning to. You never know where being curious might lead you. Being curious allows for more opportunity to use your intuition. It kicks in to gear when we are faced with new situations. 

4. Create! I've said this so many times, but cannot say it enough. Creativity is soul food for our intuition. 

5. Listen. Listen with an open heart and a quiet mind. When we take the focus away from what we might say when whoever's talking is done, we also take the focus away from our intuition being able to listen. Sincerely hear with your whole self what someone else is saying, and your answer will then come from your intuition. When I started doing this one, it felt like magic to me. Suddenly I was saying the right things, and even surprising myself. 

6. How often do you say 'I had a feeling that was going to happen?' Start writing down those feelings as soon as you feel them. Or just notice them if you can't write them down in the moment. Not all of them will be things that end up happening but I promise you will start noticing connections and again learn more about yourself, which is always helpful. 

7. Spend time in nature. Connect with an animal. Nature is all intuition. Learn from the master. 

Intuition is a beautiful thing. It feels totally grounded and cosmic all at once and I just love it. Always work with your intuition from a place of love. This will help create a more loving collective intuition, which the world could certainly use. Thanks for reading! 

Photo Cred: @xusenru 

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