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We are figuring this out together, and may not always get it right on the first try, but we hope this blog inspires you to listen to the signs the universe sends you, and helps you to feel empowered to pave your own unique path.

Managing Energy

Throughout my life I have been challenged with finding ways to cope with energy of others.

I have always been sensitive to how people around me are feeling emotionally. I remember being in elementary school, and if I felt that someone in my classroom was feeling sad or lonely, I would try to engage the person and make them feel better. At times though, I would be consumed by their emotion. I spent a lot of time wondering why some people were made fun of, or left out of groups, or were treated badly at home. 

As an adult, I have gone through periods where I have been so consumed by other’s energies that I have had severe anxiety. I don’t want to be on medication, so looked for natural methods and found acupuncture to work the best.

A shaman also helped me by giving me a couple of exercises to do throughout the day if needed.

1.     Picture at the center of your chest a ball of light and then imagine the rays of light coming out and expanding a few feet past your body, in all directions. This works as an energy shield and will limit the unwanted energies to pass through. This will help keep you balanced as you weave through the unexpected day.

2.     In moments when you feel overwhelmed by a situation, or the energy in a room, you can do a quick exercise that will help center you. The nice thing about this is that you can do it without anyone noticing, so it works great if you are in a meeting, which is where I use it most. Pick a word that feels centering to you – God, Spirit, Love, Peace, etc. Repeat the word as you touch each finger to your thumb, starting with your pointer and ending with your pinky. Start with your right hand and then do the same thing on your left hand. Do it slowly and focus on connecting the tip of each finger with the tip of the thumb as you say the word.

If you can stay centered around others, and maintain an effective energy shield, the next step is reading auras.

This will bring a greater awareness that will lead to a more harmonious life. I have researched a few ways to read auras and am ready to start practicing. Next week I will write about easy ways to start reading auras, and what worked best for me.

3 Everyday Breathwork Exercises

3 Everyday Breathwork Exercises

Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra