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We are figuring this out together, and may not always get it right on the first try, but we hope this blog inspires you to listen to the signs the universe sends you, and helps you to feel empowered to pave your own unique path.

Using Your Animal Guides

Using Your Animal Guides

Last week I wrote about four types of animal guides, and asked you to try and let your guides find you. Right away, I knew two out of the four of mine, and used tarot as a guide to the other two – and if I’m being completely honest, I was surprised as to how accurate they are! 



The Messenger This guide will usually appear in order to guide or warn you of a specific situation. It will stay with your until that message is received or you have passed the warning safely. 

When Cougar comes into your life, it is a sign that you have come into your own power. It’s time to take charge of the situation in front of you and be strong. Use the power of your intentions and be clear and what you are doing and where you are going. Cougar is a natural leader. Cougar also asks us to balance our power. Learn when to be gentle and when to be for assertive with your energy. A balance of both will bring you to your goal. Be a leader without ego. 

I find this extremely relatable to my life right now – both at home and at work. As a mother of two young children, there is always a need for balance when guiding them with love, compassion and strength. At work, I have ben presented with an opportunity to step up and lead a group of more junior designers in a time of intense pressure for them. I will also channel this Cougar Medicine there as well.


Praying Mantis

Journey Spirit Need to make a big decision that might change the course of your life? Look to this journey guide to help you choose the course. 

My journey spirit is Praying Mantis. When Praying Mantis makes an appearance in your life, you might be flooded with so much business, activity, and chaos that you can no longer hear your inner voice. Praying Mantis guides you to take a step back, meditate, and center yourself. The Mantis always come to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives.

Praying Mantis presented itself in my life so many times about a year ago. At home, I started spotting them in my yard where I have never seen them before. During that same time, one appeared on the outside my office window…which is on the 6th floor of a building in the middle of Boston. It stayed there all day. I would be in an interview, and as I walked outside, a mantis would be on my car. It was freaky how much this animal (which I have not seen since childhood) presented itself to me in real life during an extremely chaotic time in my life. 



Life Guide This guide is with you throughout your entire life and serves as a reflection of who and what you are. 

My life guide is Fox. When Fox appears in your life, it encourages action and quick, swift moves. You may be called to take action in a way that shows your adaptability and ability to move quickly through obstacles and resistance. (This happens to nicely align with my messenger guide, Cougar.) Fox is cunning and has the ability to see through deception. He is swift in tricky situations, and has an affinity for nocturnal activities like dream work. 

As an art director, my role is to be a creative problem solver. I often times find myself in tense situations where people have an emotional attachment to my work, as well as a business need for it. These two things don’t always play nice with each other and often times clients are confused. It is my job to not only create useful, beautiful things for them, but also to come up with the long term strategy behind it. This takes a lot of mental flexibility, the ability to change directions very quickly, and deflect the politics that may be clouding the creativity of the work. 



Shadow Spirit This is an energy that tests you, and will come into your life when you need to make a change in a certain area of your life.

My shadow spirit is Skunk, believe it or not! This is one that I drew from a tarot reading, meditating on the energy this shadow spirit brings. As silly as it sounds, this is quite accurate. Skunks energy draws on you to be confident. It you are lacking self-esteem, look to Skunk as a confidence builder. Animals and humans alike all know skunks power instantly – that’s why everyone gets out of his way! Skunk doesn’t need to spray to be powerful – his reputation precedes him. Skunk tests you to stand your ground calmly, and be confident that you are worthy of the space you inherit. If someone is making you miserable, this is not a reflection on you, but their character. You have the power of your own reputation to stand your ground. 

Enough said, am I right? With all of these amazing guides around, go forth and find your own to guide you! I would love to hear about them and their influence on your life. 

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