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Aura Color Exploration

Aura Color Exploration

It’s rare to only have one color in your aura. You usually have one prominent color, but a variety of others will surface as well. I am very new to reading auras and I have only seen one color associated with each person. I am curious to see if I start to see multiple colors as I continue to practice.

Each color has its own distinct meaning, and then you can go deeper into the meanings associated with the various shades of each color. Although some shades seem negative, I like to look at them as opportunities to dissect what may be the root of the issue, and how it can be resolved.

It is overwhelming in the beginning to keep track of all the different meanings so I have put together an edited cheat sheet. This gives you the main energy associated with each color. If you are interested in reading auras I am guessing that you are naturally intuitive and therefore will be able to elaborate off these basic meanings. Remember that practice doesn't make perfect;) There isn't a perfect way to do energy work so relax and trust your instincts.

Yellow - spleen and life energy. The color of inspiration and optimism.

·      Bright yellow: spiritually inspired and spontaneous

·      Dark yellow: feeling the pressure of achieving your goals.

·      Lemon yellow: a fear of loss

·      Pale Yellow: hope for the future, this may be a sign of psychic abilities.

Orange – associated with the reproductive organs, the color of vitality.

·      Bright orange: living life to the fullest

·      Orange-red: empowerment and confidence

·      Orange-yellow: creative and detail oriented

Red – very powerful, can either attract or repel.

·      Dark red: grounded and centered

·      Brilliant red: passionate and full of energy

·      Clouded red: time to let go of something so you can move on

·      Pink: loving and sensual

·      Dark pink: immature and not to be trusted

Blue – represents the throat, calm and intuitive.

·      Royal blue: you are open and generous, highly intuitive or clairvoyant.

·      Dark blue: uncertainty around the future, control issues

·      Light blue: serene and truthful, excellent communicator

Green – represents the heart and lungs, represents growth and balance.

·      Emerald green: a natural healer and love centered person.

·      Yellow-green: a communicator, you may be a performer of sorts.

·      Dark or cloudy green: jealousy or someone full of resentment

·      Turquoise: a powerful healer, you help others find their true potential.

Purple – associated with the nervous system, the pituitary gland.

·      Violet: a visionary, you can change the world with your spiritual outlook

·      Indigo: a wise seeker, you can see into other worlds

·      Lavender: a visionary and daydreamer

Silver and Gold – out of the ordinary, considered spiritual vibrations.

·      Silver: a sign of abundance, an indication of physical and spiritual wealth.

·      Gold: the color of enlightenment, divine beings protect you

Black – you are holding onto emotions that do not serve you well.

·      Gray: you struggle with trusting people

·      Dark or murky brown: insecure and fearful of getting too close to others

White -  found in highly spiritual people, you are angelic and pure.


Using Your Animal Guides

Using Your Animal Guides

Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra