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We are figuring this out together, and may not always get it right on the first try, but we hope this blog inspires you to listen to the signs the universe sends you, and helps you to feel empowered to pave your own unique path.

Embrace Change

Embrace Change

So much in my life is about to change. I made all of this change my reality; none of it is being forced upon me except in the way that I could no longer ignore the feeling that I needed it to happen. On the surface, I'm sure my life appears to be pretty great and I am grateful for all the things I am so fortunate to have; a warm apartment, a job, a very supportive partner, good health... definitely nothing to complain about whatsoever. And yet with all of these gifts, I still found myself falling into bouts of depression.

A nagging feeling, an inner voice, kept pulling at me, urging me to listen to it. It took me a long time, years even, to start to listen but once I did, there was no way I could stop. 

This voice is what led me to first start studying tarot and to learn Reiki. Most recently, listening to my inner knowing has led me to quit my job and move back to where I grew up. I've given my notice at work and will be moving at the end of the month. 

All of this change is definitely taking it's toll on me. With my sun in cancer and moon in Pisces, emotions run high for me. I'm feeling a lot right now, constantly going back and forth between fear and excitement. I think the fear comes mostly from not knowing how things are going to turn out. Yet even on those days I'm feeling afraid, I still know I need to follow through with it. I guess that's what happens when you full on trust your gut. 

Life is full of change and the unknown; it's a guarantee. We're born, things change, we die. I suppose it's all about how we handle that change and how we engage in it that makes the difference. 

So I choose to participate in the change in my life. I choose to embrace the unknown and to welcome all the change that's going to meet me. I choose to love change! At least for today... 


Tips for embracing change: 

  • Ametrine, atlantean blue onyx, and pearly ammonite are all great crystals to help with change, growth, and transformation. 
  • Go slow during times of big change. Allow yourself the time and space to sit with your feelings. 
  • Try to see things from multiple perspectives. Sometimes all that's needed is a small shift in the way we are looking at things. 
  • Communicate how you are feeling about the change. Find someone you trust and try to be as honest as possible about how you are feeling. Sometimes saying our feelings out loud can give us so much relief. 
  • Check in with your body. Change can lead to stress. Take a few minutes each day to breathe into your body and notice where you might be holding some tension. Breathe into the places with the most stress, and release the tension with your exhale. 
Stepping Back

Stepping Back

Nourish Your Soul

Nourish Your Soul