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4 Steps to Manifest Almost Anything

4 Steps to Manifest Almost Anything

Wouldn't it be great if things just magically fell into place? Hello, Universe — I'm talking to you! Well, I've been dabbling in all sorts of new things recently, and this is one of them that I'm vibing from. Visualization by way of meditation. It helps me focus, refuel and feel more empowered to reach my goals. By the way, I'm not even talking about long term goals here. This can work for goals of any scope — I have a real need for instant gratification in my life (#liveinthenow), so most of the time I am trying to manifest having a peaceful and stress-free work day. So, start small — as with most things, practice makes perfect — and this is a skill you can fine tune for large, more long-term dreams. Here's how to start manifesting:

1. How do you feel about yourself now?

If the answer is 'not great' or worse, start off by being kind to yourself. You are doing more than you realize. As much as I am an advocate for working hard to reach your goals, you don’t want to burn out. I feel so strongly about this, because I see it happen to too many amazing, girlboss women I know. When you’re exhausted and feeling depleted, your internal energy vibration is at a low frequency. This makes it tough to focus, remain positive, and visualize. That’s why you should make a habit of being kind to yourself every day, whether you take a dip (whether that's in the bath, pool, or ocean), spend a few minutes in meditation, or simply say “no” to a commitment that would put too much on your plate. (You do know that staying in is the new going out, right?)

2. What do you want most at this moment?

Visualize. I personally like to do this just before going to bed, but some prefer to visualize right before getting up in order to set the tone for the day. Do what's right for you, just make sure you are able to allocate some quiet, focused time to this process every day. Be specific in what you want. Really build up the sights, sounds, smells and sensations associated with your goal, and fully immerse yourself in this mental picture.

3. What is working for you right now?

Do something that you think of that is directly connected with living your ideal scenario of this goal. While I don't 100% prescribe to the Law of Attraction, I do think there is something to it in moderation: the basic idea is that you start behaving like you already have what you want. So, for example, if you’re goal is to build confidence, you start behaving as though you’re confident already (changing your body language, deliberately greeting more people, and so on). These kinds of tools you don't need to wait for. They start with you, and end with you being your most authentic self, reaching your goal.

Try this!
Take a moment to write down 2-5 things that inspired gratitude in your day. Doing so makes you a more positive person who is more capable of attracting further positive things. Don’t forget that little things count for this list, too—such as the kindness of a stranger, or the way the sunrise looked during your commute.



4. Still doubting yourself?

Just start spreading positivity. Smile at someone you don’t know, give someone a compliment and think of little ways to improve another person’s day. What does this have to do with my manifestation you say? Well, pretty much everything. The Universe is like a mirror, so send out the vibes that you want sent back in return. Positivity breeds more positivity. 

It’s imperative that you practice positivity and patience! Know that you’re moving one step closer to your goals every single day, and look for evidence that this is the case. Go forth and start manifesting! 


Photo credit: Ty Newcomb

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