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We are figuring this out together, and may not always get it right on the first try, but we hope this blog inspires you to listen to the signs the universe sends you, and helps you to feel empowered to pave your own unique path.

Nourish Your Soul

I love the rain. I find it inspiring and uplifting. Most people say this about the sun. Don’t get me wrong, I also love getting some vitamin D and soaking up the sun’s rays. But there is something about the rain that nourishes my soul. I find others around me feeling depressed when it rains and asking “when will it stop?” and “will we ever see the sun again?”. Not everyone appreciates the rain but there are some things to keep in mind to get the most out of your next rainy day.

1.     Do you remember being a kid and running out into the rain and loving every second of it? The instant it started to pour my siblings and I would be outside playing and laughing. We would be completely soaked. As we get older this stops happening. Adults run from the house to the car in hopes of not getting wet. Some of us won’t leave the house without an umbrella after hearing the weather station calling for a 50% chance of rain in the afternoon. Some of this makes sense, no one wants to run errands or show up to work in soaking wet clothes. But if it is warm out and you have the luxury of being home I urge you to get outside.

Stand in the rain, with your face looking up to the sky, and feel every drop on your skin. Let the rain soak into your skin and clothes.  Feel the energy around you as the rain brings renewed life to the trees and plants. Allow the rain to wash away what no longer serves you and bring in a new energy full of potential.

2.     The element of water is associated with emotion so it may bring up some unresolved feelings. This could explain why some people feel depressed when it rains.  If emotions surface try to deal with them, knowing that rain is soothing so you are in good company. Rain helps renew the spirit so you could make some real progress and end up feeling happy with the outcome. Find a cozy space and let your mind wander, or journal your thoughts. Amethyst is a gemstone that promotes emotional healing so if you have any place it next to you as you work through your feelings. A heavy rain carries away unnecessary debris and re-energizes the life it sustains. Allow the rain to nourish your soul.

3.     Do not overuse your left brain. Rain promotes creativity which is why day dreaming often happens on a rainy day. This is a perfect time to start a new art project. If you don’t fancy yourself an artist try sketching, just releasing in a new way will feel good. Everyone has a creative side so let go and have fun. Or allow yourself to focus on a creative idea. You may have thought of something earlier in the week but didn’t give it the time to evolve.

Sit for at least 20 minutes straight and let your mind go deeper around the idea. You may come up with something amazing, just make sure you don’t start to tap into your left brain – it took a personal day.

4.     Rain can stimulate intuition and psychic sensitivity. If you find yourself wanting to tap into your spiritual instincts a rainy day is a perfect time to explore. If you have a tarot deck enjoy some quiet time and ask questions. Meditation is an easy way to tap into your intuitive side. Start off by listening to the rhythmic sound of the rain before you go deeper. Try our how-to instructions on being a human pendulum which can help strengthen your intuition. 

Enjoy the next rainy day and be open to the possibilities.

Embrace Change

Embrace Change

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